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Neural Gut Axis Symposium


Scientific Symposium

We are a group of faculty at Texas A&M University organizing a scientific symposium on neuroscience and gut axis. Our goal is to bring together experts in the field to share their findings and discuss the latest advancements in this exciting area of research.


Expert Speakers

We have invited some of the most respected researchers and clinicians in the field to share their insights and discoveries with our attendees. Our speakers come from diverse backgrounds and will provide a broad perspective on the latest findings on gut health and its implications for health and disease.


Networking Opportunities

In addition to our expert speakers, we will provide ample opportunities for attendees to network and connect with their peers. Whether you are a graduate student just starting out or a seasoned researcher with decades of experience, you are sure to find like-minded individuals to discuss your work with.


Poster Sessions

We will also be hosting poster sessions where attendees can present their own research findings and get feedback from their peers. This is a great opportunity to showcase your work and get valuable input from others in the field.

Image by Phil Desforges


Registration for the symposium is now open. We encourage you to sign up early to save your spot! We look forward to seeing you at the symposium!

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